How to easily organise MT4 Market Watch alphabetically


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1. Go to your market watch window, and either click show all, or select the symbols you want to view using the symbols option

2. If you want to select the symbols, simply select ALL that you want to view, the order of selection/display does not matter

3. Now save the list of symbols using Sets > Save As (typically stored in MT4Terminal\history\symbolsets)
In this case I chose to save it as all.set

4. Now click on hide all, this will hide ALL symbols that currently have no open trades for

5. Now go and edit the all.set file using notepad, order it HOWEVER you want, the order here will set the actual display order.

6. For a quick fix, dump the entire list in excel then use the excel sort feature to sort a-z

7. Now go back to MT4 and then open the updated set file

Hope this helps



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Thanks for sharing your MT4 hack :).

If you want to do some small adjustments in your market watch window, you can click - hold and drag currencies up and down the list to arrange them if you only want to adjust a few.