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When posting, please follow these simple rules & guidelines to ensure everyone's experience here is the best possible.

Please do you best to make sure your post is relevant to the forum you are posting in. If you can't find a suitable thread, then email me with a request, and I will be more than happy to open one up for you.

When posting a chart, please make sure the chart is easy on the eye to read. For example; don't post charts with bright pink candles, yellow background and fluoro green candle outlines. No body wants a retina burning experience while trying to look over your posts. Please post charts with a color theme that is aesthetically acceptable.

Nobody is 100% right or wrong when it comes to Forex - as traders we are all in the game of speculation.

  • Don't post any offensive material, or post things that will bring down moral. Don't post any 18+ Adult stuff please guys. You know the common sense stuff for a public forum.
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Most of these rules are just common sense, if everyone can follow these standard issue guidelines and rules, there won't be any problems and this will be a fun, educational and enjoyable community for all Forex traders.


You are not to take anything that is posted in the forums as direct trading advice from TheForexGuy.com. Even in someone directly tells you to 'sell EURUSD' in a post, you are 100% responsible for your own actions. You are fully accountable for your own trading, no one here at TheForexGuy.com, or its members is in anyway accountable for your actions, except yourself.

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