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  1. Antman71
  2. ismail8989
    Been on the site for about a week now. Really learning a lot from the price action course Dale, Thanks
  3. stevenwest1968
    Dale - have you sorted out the bug in the chatroom yet? Still shows everyone away !!
  4. cams
    My Dream: I want to trade anywhere while travel around the world. I want to have financial freedom and get my life back!
  5. gravew0rm:)
    i can't go to forex courses section . it keeps taking me to forums...why is that. ?
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    2. Jabroni
      same for me. I cant find the forex course section.
      Jan 1, 2018
    3. vladymk
      gravew0rm: same happens to me for many years now. get used to it. site is very unresponsive , erratic on moments and very slow .. but good we can still use it .
      only the course functions perfectly. good to have that. cheers mates . even if you press like it takes about a minute to react. but after all all is great as it is .
      Feb 13, 2018
  6. Naveen Saroha
    Naveen Saroha
  7. adamadnan
    Been on the site for about a week now. Really learning alot from the price action course Dale, Thanks.
  8. gravew0rm:)
    not getting the hang of this forum. where's the material to read besides the free ones?
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    2. adamadnan
      Grave I'm new to this site too. Read the Price action course - at the top of the page next to chart of the day. The course is amazing and Dale really goes in depth about everything you need to know about price action.
      Dec 21, 2017
  9. ReelRich
    I am new to the warroom having joined over the weekend. Looking forward to learning how to be a better trader
    1. PeteLikesIt
      Stick around and learn ReelRich. You're in a good place :-)
      Dec 20, 2017
  10. Luke78
    Hello Guys. Really looking forward to being a part of this forum and hope to get some trading tips and advice. Cheers
  11. stevenwest1968
    Why is nobody online when I log on???
  12. piptrader
    Just joined the war room looking forward to expand my knowledge and make great trades!
  13. Soljah Steve
    Soljah Steve
    Hey Guys , i just registered for the war room, after watching a few of Dale,s videos on you tube, i really like the content so here i,m
  14. Kmac2017
    Awesome content !
  15. goodangel175
    This is a awesome environment. Happy to be here.
  16. kgiamalis
  17. dtyrrell25
    Joined the war room a few days ago and excited to improve my forex trading with all the great tools and insights the war room provides!
  18. john.s
  19. kingsley okocha
    kingsley okocha
    hi guys, completed the PAC, so much info, thanks Dale for insightful course.
  20. Thulani Gwala
    Thulani Gwala
    can anybody assist me with the downloading and activating the battle station. I have been trying to activate it since yesterday.