The days of our lives (not the TV show) ;)

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    Hi Everybody,

    I'd like to say hi to everybody on TheForexGuy website, I'm new to this community and I'm excited about the potential of trading. Because of that excitement it becomes hard to set realistic goals when learning Forex and building strategy. I want to see how your trading days are structured, how long it took you to build your strategy and the time it took to create consistent profits from trading.

    Without boring you with too much detail I'll start below and if you could copy me by replying with your trading days and timeline that would be amazing :)

    • 1 month for building strategy on demo account
    • 5 months to have consistency on profitable trades with small live account
    My current trading days
    • Have breakfast and take partner to uni
    • Trade Tokyo session, learn Forex from 8am to 12pm Sydney time
    • Lunch then sleep for work
    • Prepare for work
    • Work until midnight
    • Repeat :)
    P.S. hints and tips on my trading days are welcome ;)

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